Software to organize music and photos, remove duplicate files
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  • Music Organizer, Photo Organizer and Duplicate Remover

    Music Organizer

    Music Organizer - is an automatic music organizing software that will automatically organize music on your computer, organize music on hard disk and music player. This music organizer program is an MP3 music organizer that organize music anywhere using one of variety music organizing methods: organize music by artist, by album, by genre, etc. Key music organizer features:

    • Organize Music Automatically (just run it and all will be organized)
    • Organize Music Anywhere (on computer, on hard disks, in music player, etc.)
    • Organize Music As you Want (by artist, by album, by title, many other ways - custom methods supported)
    • Remove Duplicate Music

    Want to automatically organize music? Download music organizer right now!

    Photo Organizer

    Photo Organizer - is a software that will automatically organize photos. Organize all photos, organize pictures and organize images - easily with user-friendly photo organizer program. Key photo organizer features:

    • Organize Photos Automatically (all you need - is to download and run photo organizer to get photos organized)
    • Organize Photos Anywhere (photo organizer will organize photos in your photo collection, on hard disk, in computer and on your camera)
    • Organize Photos As you Want (by date, by time, by event, by trip, by year, by quality - all is possible)
    • Remove Duplicate Photos

    Want to automatically organize photos? Download photo organizer right now!

    Duplicate Remover

    Duplicate File Remover - is a software that will remove duplicate files. Want to remove duplicate files? All you need is automatic duplicate remover, duplicate file remover, duplicate MP3 music remover. This duplicate file remover software can:

    • Remove Duplicate Music
    • Remove Duplicate Photos
    • Remove Duplicate Files - of ALL types

    Want to Remove duplicate files? Download duplicate file remover right now!